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Welcome to the MyMine Network: Prisons Reset.

Hello everyone, welcome to the Prison Reset post!

The current season of Prison has come an end and the realm will be resetting this Saturday October 3rd at 2:00 PM EST / 4:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST.


We hope you've all been enjoying Prison on MyMine and are looking forward to the next season. Thank you all for your support and suggestions regarding the server, you're helping every day by making it a better realm for you all to enjoy. Without further ado, lets get into the new content!

New Spawn

With a new reset comes a sweet new spawn and warzone! Get ready to see our new candy-filled goodness!

Mine updates

We recently added the Mine Rework to  Prisons, a few major improvements based on feedback given!

Previously, when players mined they experienced some really annyoying bugs! Now, in the re-worked mines system, to be a better and improved system!

Level up your mine and unlock new perks and abilities as you progress by doing /rankup.


Sell and tokenshop Npc's

We have released a new way to sell your items and upgrade your pickaxe!


Your pickaxe can be improved from enchants from the tokenshop, any pickaxe can be upgraded by doing so!
Access the menu using /tokenshop or clicking on the Tokenshop Npc.

Blast enchant! 

The Blast Enchant is the BEST enchant in OP Prisons this enchant allows you to mine in a 3 x 3 shape!
This enchant is recieved from the /tokenshop for 20,000 tokens!


Everything resets!

For the upcoming reset, we've many of the game mechanics to make it a more enjoyable time on MyMine Network Prisons.
We have fixed many bugs and issues you guys found last season and with our new Prison Coordinator improved them!


New rank kits!

For the upcoming reset, we've decided to rework the kits, different kits are obtainable from
We would love to hear feedback how you think we should change kits!


Some Additional Changes

  • Prestige prices changed and updated to be more balanced.
  • Rankup prices changed to be more balanced.
  • Selling prices changed and updated to be more balanced
  • Price of items have been altered.
  • Removing Robots from Prisons - We felt that they were not effective enough
  • Many other performace enchancements!

We hope to see you for the next season of Prison  on The MyMine Network on Saturday at 2 PM EST! Let us know what you think about the upcoming season on our Discord server.

Hope to see you today at: